Vince Vaughn, Donald Trump conversation divides fans during Clemson-LSU game

LSU stomped Clemson, but all anyone on Twitter seemed to care about during the national championship game was a conversation between Vince Vaughn and President Donald Trump.

Journalist Timothy Burke tweeted a video of the movie star chatting up the president in a Mercedes-Benz Superdome box during the College Football Playoff final between Clemson and LSU in New Orleans.

The moment quickly went viral as the “Wedding Crashers” and “Swingers” star, who has been spotted at previous LSU games, became the subject of political commentary that will likely extend into Tuesday’s cable news chatter.

The moment reminded folks of when Ellen Degeneres was spotted with former President George W. Bush in a box at a Dallas Cowboys game. The comic later explained her friendship with Bush, which also divided fans.

Vaughn has previously described himself as Libertarian, voting for Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul in past elections.