Stop Torturing Your Freezing Toes This Winter and Invest in These Warm Socks Now

I used to always wonder why the hell someone drop $30 on a pair of socks. Well, that was before I moved from Florida to New York. I’ll never forget the day I tried to make my way to the subway during my first snowstorm. My weak boots and sad regular socks left my toes fah-reezing!

In order to make it through winter—like a REAL New Yorker and not an “oh no, it’s 69 degrees” Floridian—without frostbite, cheap socks you grab on your way to the register aren’t gonna cut it.

For all of us, I’ve wrangled up some very, very warm socks. And, nope, not all of them are obnoxiously thick. Alert: Bulky does not always equal warm. Sleek pairs made out of the right fabrics—like soft Merino wool—will keep toes toasty, even on the coldest days. See exactly what I mean, below.