Tucker Carlson suggests that Black Lives Matter was an “orchestrated” plot to distract from Occupy Wall Street

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): After 2008, a movement emerged called Occupy Wall Street. At the time, it was at the cutting edge of left-wing social activism. And it did seem kind of organic — most of these things are completely fake, like BLM — obviously orchestrated. But Occupy Wall Street seemed kind of real, it seemed like angry people. And some people from Occupy Wall Street turned their attention to the head of JP Morgan, who of course, is Jamie Dimon. They went to his office, they held signs outside for 24 hours a day. And they hassled other bank presidents too.

And before long, a funny thing happened. Everybody in the media decided that Occupy Wall Street was boring. Anything about economics was boring because who cares about carried interest? What’s that? What we really want to talk about, they told you, is racial oppression and your role in it.

And so we got a lot of that, only for like 12 years now. An endless parade of lies about this or that, your complicity in systemic racism, police shootings, they’re everywhere, everyone’s getting killed by the cops. Hands up, don’t shoot! Remember that?

So we’re all still talking about that nonsense, ripping the country apart along racial lines, but guess what we’re not talking about? Oh, banks. And guess who loves that? Banks. They deeply appreciate that.

And maybe that’s why, as BLM rioters torch major cities, Democrats who took big money from big banks, knelt in reverence to BLM.