80% of Banks in Japan Partnered with Ripple, Bullish for XRP?

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  • 80% of Japanese banks partner with Ripple for blockchain payments.
  • Ripple’s technology ensures faster, more cost-effective transactions.

Japanese banks are implementing blockchain technology from Ripple with great success; 80% of them are working with the fintech startup to transform international payments. This action shows how far blockchain technology has come in the financial industry and is a significant step toward incorporating cryptocurrencies into traditional finance (TradFi).

Ripple’s Technology Revolutionizes Payments 

Japanese banks are embracing Ripple’s technology because they want to make international payments more quickly and affordably. Offering transactions on the XRP Ledger that are finished in seconds, Ripple provides a solution to these problems. The long processing delays that are sometimes encountered in traditional banking are in sharp contrast to this.

Beyond speed, banks may streamline operations and cut overhead with Ripple’s technology’s cheap transaction costs and energy-efficient approach. The network’s ability to handle thousands of transactions per second ensures smooth operation even during peak demand.

A prime example of this change is the partnership that SBI Holdings and Ripple formed in 2016. Through this partnership, SBI Ripple Asia was established, a joint venture with the express goal of using Ripple’s technology to enhance cross-border payments in the Asia-Pacific area.

With its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) product, which uses the XRP cryptocurrency to enable quick and affordable international transfers, SBI Holdings has been a vocal supporter.

Global Adoption and Market Impact 

Not only is ripple having an effect outside of Japan,. To simplify their cross-border transactions, major financial institutions globally, such as Santander (UK), CIBC (Canada), Kotak Mahindra Bank (India), and Itaú Unibanco (Brazil), have teamed with the firm.

A recent report demonstrating a notable increase in active users on the XRP Ledger as well as a spike in transactions over the prior year reflects this worldwide popularity.

Bullish for XRP?

Market issues are there for Ripple and XRP, nevertheless. CoinMarketCap data show that the price of XRP is about $0.4994 at the moment of writing, having decreased by 4.68% in the previous day. This fall, at 3.77%, likewise follows a negative trend of the last seven days.

Some analysts are still bullish about XRP’s prospects in spite of the present market dip. BRICS countries adopting XRP, according to Cryptonairz CEO Robert Doyle, may drive the token’s price to $10,000. Of course, this update will also be the token’s long-term bullish potential pillar.

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