AAPL Nov 2024 130.000 put

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Two things in markets have held true in 2024. One, the stock market opens and closes at the same time each day. And two, investors — large and small — love the AI trade. What’s not to like about companies at the leading edge of this exciting technology? Companies such as Nvidia (NVDA) are unable to keep pace with demand for their products, driving higher prices and profits. Even a legacy player like Intel (INTC) is getting in big to all things AI. The stock prices of AI-centric names have remained virtually bulletproof as investors await the next big upward lift to guidance. But really, how long can this all last — especially in front of a pivotal presidential election?  On this episode of Opening Bid, Yahoo Finance Executive Editor Brian Sozzi goes on the search for the next hot tech stock trade with EMJ Capital founder Eric Jackson. Is Nvidia the best place to stay in terms of AI? Or should investors warm back up to Apple (AAPL) ahead of the debut of its Apple Intelligence suite? Jackson and Sozzi discuss these top Wall Street tech trades and many others in this high-octane episode.