CEF Group to invest Rs 650 crore in Uttar Pradesh for biofuel production

Energy solutions company, CEF Group has signed an MoU with the government of Uttar Pradesh to set up multiple waste processing plants in various locations in UP to address the problem of waste mismanagement and augment bio-fuel production.

The group will invest Rs 650 crore in setting up the plants, generating employment for approximately 240 people, the company said on Monday.

Maninder Singh Nayyar, CEO of CEF Group, said, “Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the country which requires adequate waste management solutions, and we are capable of doing it. This agreement will prove beneficial for the entire state in various regards.”

The company said organic waste processing plants with captively grown Napier grass will also be utilized, bringing stable earnings for farmers. “This is a direct replacement for chemical fertilizers in commercial farming. Therefore, enabling more scope for sustainable and natural/organic farming on a larger scale. We will be able to produce both biofuels and organic manure resulting in a sustainable environment,” said Nayyar.

The group will convert municipal solid waste, agricultural, industrial waste like press mud from sugar mills and other organic wastes into bio-fuels and allied products. The projects will come up in phases, with construction starting by the end of 2023. Different municipalities of Uttar Pradesh will provide the waste and land.

At the same time, the overall set-up of the project with offtake arrangements of the Bio-CNG and organic manure or city compost will be processed scientifically in the CEF waste processing plant.