China's top diplomat visits Moscow as Russia's war on Ukraine nears 1 year

China’s top diplomat is in Russia today in a visit that illustrates the closer ties between the two countries. The visit comes after the U.S. expressed concern that China might supply Russia with support in its war in Ukraine.

China’s Wang Yi is in Moscow this week — following up on the “no limits partnership” the two countries signed last February, just weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine. Trade between China and Russia has increased over the past year, especially with Chinese purchases of Russian oil and gas.

And China’s foreign ministry hit back against the U.S. this week, saying it was “not qualified” to warn other countries not to send arms.

As the war drags on, far beyond Moscow’s earlier expectation of a quick victory, China has pushed harder for a negotiated peace. China’s Wang said he will release a state paper outlining a plan for peace in Ukraine on Friday, on the war’s anniversary.

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