Investing platform Public launches Public Media Network

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Public is welcoming Axios, Threadneedle, Admani, and Bread to editorial and content network for retail investors.

Public has announced the expansion of its editorial and content network for retail investors by launching the Public Media Network.

The platform for stocks, ETFs, crypto, bonds, and options trading stated that its content and editorial networks are editorially independent of the company.

Short-form videos in new formats

Providing retail investors with top business and finance news, expert insights, and helpful context on the public markets, Public’s media and news network wants to be a favorite for investors, where they can access all their financial news information in short-form videos in new formats and on various platforms.

Since first launching its editorial arm in 2021, the company expanded its content network, introduced new shows in partnership with ARK Invest, grew its content series, “Leading Indicator,” and launched a new podcast, “The Rundown,” hosted by Zaid Admani, currently ranking in Spotify’s Top 10 Business podcasts.

Public’s content, shared through YouTube, Instagram, creator partnerships, newsletters, in-app, and X short-form videos, has garnered tens of millions of organic views across all channels this year alone, according to the firm, which added that viewership doubled year-to-date.

As part of the newly launched Public Media Network, Public is adding more hosts and shows to its roster, including:

  • The Rundown: A five-minute daily stock market update hosted by finance creator Zaid Admani. It launched in the Public app in October 2023 and on Spotify and Apple Podcasts in January 2024.
  • Leading Indicator: A video show featuring interviews with executives of publicly traded companies, Wall Street analysts, reporters, economists, and more. Currently hosted by Ann Berry, Kyla Scanlon, J.D. Durkin, Nora Ali, and Kinsey Grant, with new hosts joining the show, including Axios’ Senior Business Reporter, Hope King.
  • The Brainstorm: A weekly video series in co-production with ARK Investment Management LLC (“ARK Invest” or “ARK”): Hosted by Nick Grous, Associate Portfolio Manager at ARK, and Sam Korus, Director of Research Autonomous Technology & Robotics at ARK. ARK’s team shares insights about trending developments in tech and interviews with executives from emerging technology companies.

Public welcomes Axios, Threadneedle, Admani, and Bread

Mike Teich, Head of Editorial at Public, stated: “Investors are eager for financial content, but they are not consuming it in the way traditional media companies are delivering it. Public’s content resonates with retail investors because it’s being crafted in engaging formats on the platforms they spend the most time on. Public will be a leading financial news source by being a first-mover on media trends and collaborating with top-tier talent.”

Hope King, Senior Business Reporter at Axios, said: “I’m incredibly excited to help everyday investors understand the big picture behind corporate strategies. As a journalist, it’s my passion to connect dots and go deep with my guests to get to the heart of the matter. And as someone who worked on Wall Street for a long time before transitioning to news, I love being able to translate jargon into actionable insights.”

Ann Berry, founder of Threadneedle Strategies, commented: “It’s an honor to serve as a host for Public’s shows over the last three years, interviewing public company CEOs and fund managers, breaking down the biggest headlines, from earnings to major mergers, and connecting with retail investors. Public’s editorial and content network demystifies the markets, the US economy, and business trends, allowing retail investors to easily access financial education.”

Zaid Admani, founder of Admani Media, added: “Let’s be honest, finance can be kind of intimidating. My goal with content has been to bring some humor to the finance world and show millennials that investing isn’t just for Wall Street suits. That’s why I’m excited to be working with Public because they embrace delivering this kind of finance news. Our goal is to break things down with real-world examples, a little humor, and maybe the occasional meme.”

Kyla Scanlon, Founder at Bread, stated: “As a financial creator, I make content about the economy and stock market and help individuals understand the economy and world around them. I love creating new content and working with companies like Public because they are focused on education and putting their investors first. The content I make with Public intends to educate retail investors about the economy and help them make better decisions in the world around them.”