Moonfare creates smartphone app with access to private equity investments

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With minimums as low as €10,000 ($10,822), qualified retail investors can now directly access Moonfare’s European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF) strategy through the company’s newly released mobile app.

The app is currently accessible in German for German investors and will be expanded to include additional EU countries in the future.

Through a range of digital capabilities tailored for mobile devices, the Moonfare mobile app provides investors with easy and safe access to professional-grade private equity investments in the company’s European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF).

It features easy registration, digital onboarding and ID verification, a page with all the fund details, documentation, and fee disclosure; it also collects personal data digitally, allows users to sign and accept subscription documents digitally, provides digital reporting, including thorough quarterly reports; and it offers in-app educational content for investors who are new to private market investing.

Furthermore, although Moonfare views private market investments as a long-term commitment, consumers will have the option of possible early liquidity through a recurring digital secondary market run by Moonfare following an initial two-year holding period.

Moonfare founder and CEO Steffen Pauls stated: “It has been my dream since the day I launched Moonfare to make the investments we so carefully curate directly available to eligible retail investors. Users will find the same level of curation, due diligence, digital experience, and education via the app as existing investors enjoy on our online platform. This level of care and expertise should be what democratisation is about, and I’m thrilled we’ve been able to make this day happen.”

Furthermore, earlier last month, Moonfare introduced its first semi-liquid strategy.

The approach is driven by Moonfare’s chief investment officer, Sanjay Gupta, who stated that it targets two significant topics in the private equity industry: secondary investments and liquidity.

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