Mutual fund industry's AUM hit all-time high of ₹61.16 lakh crore in June

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The Assets Under Management (AUM) of mutual funds in India reached an all-time high of ₹61.16 lakh crore in June, up from ₹58.91 lakh crore recorded in May, according to data from AMFI.

This surge comes on the back of increased investor inflows and confidence in the market.

In June alone, net equity inflows soared to ₹40,573 crore, marking a record monthly inflow compared to ₹34,670.9 crore in May.

This robust inflow was driven by diverse fund categories, with sectoral and thematic funds making significant contributions totaling ₹22,351 crore.

Suresh Soni, CEO of Baroda BNP Paribas Mutual Fund, highlighted the rapid growth trajectory of the industry.

He noted that the AUM has grown tenfold over the past decade, from ₹10 lakh crore to the current ₹60 lakh crore milestone.

“So it took us about 50 years from the start of UTI to about May 2024 to reach a total landmark number of 10 lakh crore, and just in the last about seven months, from December till about end of June, that’s about six months, we have added fresh 10 lakh crore from 50 lakh crore to 60 lakh crore. This momentum in mutual fund flows is driven by increased awareness among investors, higher participation rates, and the growing popularity of SIPs, consistently contributing over ₹20,000 crore monthly. This sustained inflow is supporting continued market growth,” Soni said.

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