Polestar Concept BST Has A Wild Wing And Serious Potential

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The front profile is undeniably a Polestar, thanks to those angled LED lights, but if one were to describe it to a sports car fanatic, imagine making a hybrid child from the Ferrari Purosangue and a Porsche Taycan. The standout element is the wide wing, which is propped up high and bears the Polestar branding — one of the most brazen we have seen so far from an automobile brand. And to think that this one is an electric roadster, well — it seems Polestar also wanted to shatter the myth of battery-powered rides not looking edgy enough. The frameless doors flaunt sharply angled glass, and it’s one of the only aspects of the Polestar Concept BST’s side profile that doesn’t look formulaic.

The top-view, front fascia, and rear styling, however, are distinctively aggressive and refreshingly unique. Polestar apparently is going for a look that would sate the taste of a car enthusiast C-suite executive who prefers fast cars but won’t dare something as exuberant as a Pagani or a Koenigsegg speed demon. 

Polestar won’t say if the Concept BST will ever make it as a commercially available car and won’t even brag about its performance credentials, but if the ongoing trade tensions don’t take a toll on its import-heavy business model in the U.S. or Europe, we might be looking at one of the most promising electric sports cars of the near future.