Prison Advocacy Coordinator


The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California, organizing to shift resources away from prisons and punishment towards opportunities that make our communities safe, healthy, and strong. Named after civil rights hero Ella Baker, we mobilize Black, Brown, and low-income people to build power in our communities. For over 25 years, we have worked from the community to the legislative level to free our people from state violence. We are currently working to end mass incarceration and criminalization in the United States through Truth and Reinvestment—moving resources away from failed criminal legal policies and into creating opportunities, also known as “books not bars, jobs not jails, healthcare not handcuffs.” Through our programs, such as successful organizing in Alameda County, a robust state policy platform, and national leadership in the movement to end mass incarceration, EBC is building a culture of care to replace cages and cops.

The Ella Baker Center Action Fund (EBCAF) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization and a separate but affiliated organization with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. EBCAF mobilizes our communities — current and formerly incarcerated people, their loved ones, people who are low income, and Black and Brown communities — to exercise their full political power and hold institutions accountable. Like our namesake Ella Baker, we understand that true power lies within the people. EBCAF was born out of the vision to further build power amongst those most impacted by incarceration and criminalization. We mobilize these communities to ensure that our elected officials are focused on addressing the root causes of harm in our communities, instead of investing in failing institutions, such as prisons and policing, that exacerbate that harm.


At Ella Baker Center, we win by doing our liberation work in alignment with and guided by our core values:

1.     Prioritize people most impacted by policing and prisons

2.     Accountability

3.     Black Liberation

4.     Interconnection

5.     Transformation

6.     Culture of Care and Healing

7.     Self-Determination

The ideal candidate at EBC understands that our work uplifts the leadership and strategies of those most impacted by the criminal legal system: working class people of color. Our primary aspiration is Black liberation, as these communities are the most harmed by policing and prisons. We practice accountability to our communities and each other by giving and receiving feedback, communicating directly, and building a culture of restorative justice.

We seek staff who are looking to not only transform the world, but are themselves excited tobe personally transformed by organizing for liberation while caring for ourselves or each other. Transformation means that we do not turn anyone away who seeks our advocacy or support based on what the state has charged them with. Inherent in collective liberation work — we ask our staff to do the personal work of organizing to dismantle white supremacy and cisheteropatriarchy, and practice anti-oppression in everyday relationships. Our values mean we are building a leaderful movement, with an emphasis on those who have been systematically denied leadership and power.


The Prison Advocacy Coordinator will lead the Ella Baker Center’s advocacy and policy implementation with currently and formerly incarcerated people and their families.

 The person who fills this position will take the lead on refining systems that ensure EBC’s members, interns, and staff can effectively participate in our growing Prison Mail Program. They will be responsible for building out our Prison Mail Resources, including maintaining up-to-date legal resources, policy information, and newsletters.

 They will also be responsible for leading our individual advocacy support, which includes responding to questions from people with incarcerated loved ones via email, phone calls, direct mail, and in-person consultations. Work and collaborate with the HR/Operations Manager to effectively manage incoming mail, phone calls, and the calendar and scheduling of volunteers and interns.


Prison Mail Program

●       Build and coordinate relationships with Ella Baker Center members, community leaders, allies, currently incarcerated people, community members with loved ones inside, and formerly incarcerated people in order to effectively execute the Prison Mail program.

●       Bottomline coordination of the monthly prison mail night for EBC members.

●       Coordinate an evaluation of the Prison Mail Program and implement recommendations.

●       Work to maintain and build out a new data management system for the Prison Mail Program.

●       Coordinate the translation of Prison Mail Resources into various languages.

●       Work (in collaboration with the Program Coordinator) to provide administrative support for our currently incarcerated community members and families, including:

○       Printing, scanning, and managing incoming and outgoing mail & other needs for our prison mail night and advocacy program.

○       Organize mass mailings, including the end of year Holiday Mailings, toolkit mailings, and major newsletter updates.

Pathways to Release: Resources, Policy, and Advocacy.

●       Research, coordinate, and develop tools for impacted people to navigate state policies and initiatives and paths to relief.

●       Identify regulatory and administrative opportunities to improve the implementation of policies that impact our base.

Volunteer & Member Organizing

●       Work in coordination with the Program team and in collaboration with the Member Organizer to coordinate and support volunteers and interns to advance campaigns and initiatives.

Represent EBC publicly & in community partnerships

●       Act as a liaison for the Ella Baker Center to various allies and organizations, such as labor, faith, and criminal justice-related non-profits, and other youth and family organizations as necessary.

●       Represent the Ella Baker Center publicly as a spokesperson as necessary.

●       Act as a representative for the Ella Baker Center in coalitions and memberships and attend relevant conferences, meetings, and trainings.

Programs & Organization wide Strategic Visioning & Implementation

●       Assist in strategic organizational planning as necessary.

●       Participate in requisite Ella Baker Center activities (i.e. staff meetings, training, fundraising, administrative responsibilities, events) as necessary.

●       Assist in administrative duties for the execution of programmatic and broader organizational needs as necessary.


●       Participate in social media activities, webpage resource development; provide strategic direction for EBC’s communications and media strategy.


This is an exempt, on-site, full time bargaining unit position, represented by CWA Local 9415. This position is on site, and there will be times when the position will be required to work in the evenings, on weekends, and attend in person events. This position reports directly to one of the two Program Directors.


The Ella Baker Center is an equal opportunity employer. Individuals of color, 2SLGBTQIA+ people, individuals with past involvement in the criminal legal system, or who have loved ones currently or formerly impacted by the criminal legal system are strongly encouraged to apply. We do not require candidates to have a degree and we welcome candidates with nontraditional backgrounds. We believe in both the necessity in building a broad, diverse movement to effectuate change and the importance of centering the experiences and leadership of those most impacted by the legal system. We are committed to investing in the leadership of people of color and formerly incarcerated people. If you are wondering if you are qualified to apply, please do.