Rio Tinto delivers underlying EBITDA of $26.3 billion and total dividends of 492 US cents per share


CNOVA N.V. 2022 Fourth Quarter Activity & Full Year Financial Results

CNOVA N.V. Full Year 2022 results & 4th quarter activitySwift start in 2022 of Cnova’s transformation With strong platform revenues, Cnova reinforces its shift towards a profitable model: Sharp increase in gross margin at 23.2% of net sales (+1.3pt vs. 21, +5.4pts vs. 19) notably thanks to the GMV mix improvement towards marketplace: 54% of marketplace share in Q4 (+9pts vs 21), 52% in FY (+6pts vs. 21, +13pts vs. 19)Marketplace revenues at €191m, (-2% vs. 21) growing +28% vs. 19 with solid and