Tesla Shares Surge 38% in Eight Days, Achieving 2024's First Positive Gain

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Tesla Inc. shares marked a significant milestone on July 5, closing up 2.1% and achieving an eight-day winning streak. This rally, bolstered by stronger-than-expected second-quarter deliveries, pushed Tesla into positive territory for the first time in 2024.

Tesla Achieves First Positive Gain of 2024 with Eight-Day Winning Streak and 38% Stock Surge

For the first time this year, Tesla Inc. shares broke a significant milestone by embarking on an eight-day winning stretch. According to Yahoo Finance, this remarkable feat propelled the world’s most valuable automaker into positive territory, marking a significant shift in its stock performance.

On July 5 marked a significant milestone for Tesla. The stock closed up 2.1%, marking the most extended consecutive daily gain sequence in nearly a year. This period saw a 38% increase in stock value, resulting in a $220 billion increase in market capitalization. The rally was further bolstered by second-quarter deliveries that surpassed the average analyst estimate, instilling confidence in Tesla’s performance.

Although analysts were optimistic about the stronger-than-anticipated deliveries, they represented the automaker’s first consecutive quarterly decline in deliveries in over a decade. The carmaker announced on July 2 that it delivered 443,956 vehicles in the second quarter, surpassing the average of 439,302 analysts on Wall Street had anticipated. However, the number of cars delivered was lower than in previous quarters.

“The worst is in the rear-view mirror for Tesla,” Wedbush Securities Inc. analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a July 5 note. “Very importantly, it appears China saw a ‘mini rebound’ in the June quarter.”

Tesla Stock Surges Amid Chinese Commercial Adoption, But Analysts Warn of Potential Pullback

According to a statement from the Chinese government (via Fortune), several state-owned enterprises in Shanghai have acquired Tesla’s Model Y for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, due to increased competition in the country, electric vehicle manufacturers have experienced price conflicts and demand concerns this year.

Tesla has experienced a challenging year due to the significant staff reductions announced by Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk in April, followed by further reductions of up to 20%.

Since early May, Tesla shares have been trading in a relatively narrow range. However, they have now finally broken free. The stock has surpassed its 200-day moving average, trend indicator analysts closely monitor. Tesla shares experienced a decline of up to 1.6% on July 5 before ultimately closing higher.

To be certain, there is at least one technical indicator that suggests a potential pullback is imminent. In recent days, the stock’s relative strength index, which is a metric that measures the momentum of favorable and bearish prices on a scale of zero to 100, has risen above 80 as a result of the rally.

It’s important to note that an RSI level above 80, as with Tesla’s stock, is often considered a warning sign of an impending decline. This indicates that the purchasing has become excessive, serving as a potential indicator for investors to stay vigilant and prepared for market shifts.

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