Tim Cook Hyped 'Thinnest Apple Product Ever' At Recent iPad Event, But Cupertino's Newest Gadget Flunks Durability Test In 'Catastrophic Failure'

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Apple Inc.’s AAPL latest iPad Pro, with its thin design, has been the subject of discussion in the tech community since its unveiling by Tim Cook earlier in May. However, its thin profile has proved to be an issue despite Apple making improvements to its structural integrity.

What Happened: The new iPad Pro, which features a thin design, has been subjected to an extreme bend test by popular tech YouTubers JerryRigEverything and AppleTrack.

During the tests, the new iPad Pro showed an improvement in its durability during horizontal bend tests, suggesting it’s safer than its predecessor despite a thinner profile.

However, the vertical bend test resulted in a “catastrophic failure” in Jerry’s case, with the weak link being the USB charging port.

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AppleTrack, on the other hand, conducted the same bend test on both the M2 and M4 iPad Pro models, with the M4 model emerging almost unscathed. The M2 model, however, exhibited a clear bend near the camera corner.

It’s worth noting that despite the results of these tests, the testers had to apply force far beyond what would be expected in everyday use to cause a permanent bend.

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Why It Matters: It’s not the first time Apple’s iPad Pro has been the subject of criticism for its durability. The 2018 iPad Pro was involved in the “#BendGate” controversy due to its tendency to bend under normal use. Other devices like the 2022 iPad Air and the iPhone 6 Plus were also prone to bending.

The latest generation of iPad Pro, including the M4 model, does not seem to exhibit the same issues, thanks to some important improvements to its structural profile.

However, it still has a major weak point when placed vertically or if the force is applied against the structure’s axis.


The new iPad Pro, powered by the new M4 chip, was launched by Apple at the “Let Loose” event. The company also unveiled the new generation of iPad Air, which comes in two screen sizes for the first time.

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